My Therapeutic Space

Throughout the course of our lives, we are presented with many challenges and at times have the need for a therapeutic space to grow stronger and wiser

This Privacy Policy is intended to clarify all aspects regarding the protection and privacy of all data provided by you as client. Any changes and updates to this Privacy Policy will be uploaded on this page. 

1. Data Held

At commencement of therapy new clients will be asked for relevant personal data including name, address, contact phone number, contact email address, GP and emergency contact names and phone numbers, and any current medications. This data will be held in paper form in a locked filing cabinet. Session notes will also be kept in a separate locked filing cabinet. These notes will consist of a brief manual summary of some of the points or experiences that occur in a session and they will be anonymised so that they cannot be linked to the identity of any person. Personal information shared by clients will not be shared with any other party without their consent, unless there is a legal requirement or where there is immediate risk of substantial harm to them or to others.


2. Data Retention

Personal data and session notes can be held for seven years or more if there is a legal requirement or risk of significant harm to self or to others.


3. Electronic Data Records

Any emails or text messages received will be deleted following the end of therapy. In the event of these communications being relevant to therapy, they will be printed off and stored with session notes, with any identifiable names, addresses, or contact details being redacted.  Names and phone numbers will be stored in the contact section of my smartphone but will not identify the individuals in any other way. The smartphone will be secured and password protected. Clients who have video therapy sessions via Vsee can access Vsee’s data privacy policy on the following link My laptop is secured and password protected. 

4. Website Provider and Use of Cookies

Analytics cookies which determine unique visitors for the provision of accurate site traffic data are disabled for your privacy.  The website provider may get information about interactions with my website, though they use this in anonymous, aggregated or pseudonymised form which does not focus on you individually. The website provider uses this data to evaluate, provide, protect or improve their services.  For more information on the website provider's privacy policy, you can visit


5. Access to Personal Data

Clients have the right to access their data records via a Subject Access Request (SAR). This access can be arranged within 30 days. Clients may request the updating or correction of personal data held. Clients may request a copy or deletion of their personal data. 


6. Data Breaches

I will notify any affected party of any serious breach of any identifiable data. This would include incidents such as theft, loss, fire, or unauthorized access by another person. The ICO will also be notified of a serious breach of data. 


7.    Client Consent Forms 

All clients will be asked to sign a consent form regarding the use of personal data as part of our contract of working together. This signed consent form will be held in a locked file.