My Therapeutic Space

Throughout the course of our lives, we are presented with many challenges and at times have the need for a therapeutic space to grow stronger and wiser

The first session

Starting therapy can be daunting especially if it is not clear what to expect. The first session will provide us with the opportunity to collaboratively explore what brings you to therapy and how your needs can be best met. We will have an open conversation about what type of therapy would be more helpful for you and may mutually agree to work together.

‘Short-term’ or ‘long-term’ therapy?

The time format of therapy depends on the particular set of difficulties you are facing and your individual needs. The duration of therapy is discussed during the first meetings and maybe reviewed at other times throughout the therapy. Whatever the format is, therapy is about promoting your independence so that you can act autonomously and make informed choices in the service of your well-being and what you find most important.

Sessions and fees

Therapy is offered on a basis of weekly sessions of 50 minute duration. Fee per session is £70. On-line video therapy (via an application like Skype) is offered at £60 per session. Session fees should be paid at the end of the sessions. I am able to accept cash, cheque and payment by bank transfer. 

Health Insurance Companies 

I work with AXA PPP Healthcare, Aviva, Bupa, WPA and Vitality Health. The session fee for therapy covered by health insurance companies is £90.


As well as English, I can also provide therapy in Greek.